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    vCenter 6 Installation accounts

    lvaibhavt Hot Shot

      Hi All,


      When I started the installation for the vCenter 6 it returned an warning. I followed article http://virtual10.com/?p=833 and then was able to move on


      vcenter 6.PNG

      At the end of the installation I noticed that vCenter and other associated services were installed with an NT Account. Snapshot attached.




      If you dont work on the first warning then by default all the services get installed under local account. If you make the required changes then the services get installed under their service accounts.



      I wanted to know

      The recommended way to install vCenter 6 is by installing the services under their NT account or installing them on the local account?


      If I have installed vCenter6 under NT service accounts then how can I reset password or what is the effective way to manage these accounts?


      Do we have a documentation that I can read more about these virtual accounts





      thanks in advance