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    Update View Composer Service Accounts

    Psychomike70 Novice

      Looking for a little guidance on changing the View Composer account password. We have to update the service account password tied to the AD service account used to build machines in the established OU. We do not have to update the ODBC accounts/passwords, just the View Composer account that is used to build machines in Active Directory. We have vCenter 5.5 with View Composer co-installed. It looks like the only place we need to update it is in View Administrator>View Configuration>Servers. I know this is where you enter the view composer account and password when you are adding the vSphere server to View Administrator, but I am not 100% sure if I need to remove/readd the vSphere server here so that I can update the account password or if there is an easier way (or another place that it needs to be done).


      Thank you in advance!

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          larsonm Expert

          In the interest of being thorough, I suggest you review the account's permissions in AD.  Starting on page 21 of the View 6 installation guide you will see the permission requirements.  Make special note of the additional items if you plan to re-use computer names.  There is no need to remove the vCenter.  Simply change the password in the Edit Domain dialogue shown below and you should be off and running.  Run a test compose on a small pool, and/or create a small linked clone pool to verify.  The worse that is going to happen is a few errors that can easily be fixed.  Note:  the format for entering the username should be domain.com\username