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    Recovery testing intervals

    pdrace Expert

      I run SRM tests of recovery plans on a weekly basis. I've also run a real recovery and failback for further verification.

      I am being asked how often the second type of test should be run, yearly, semi-annual etc.

      What do you do and recommend in terms of test frequency?

      Should a real recovery be run for testing when Vcenter/SRM is upgraded or is running tests sufficient?

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          gs_khalsa Expert
          vExpertVMware Employees

          That is great that you are testing so frequently. Nice to hear. It really depends on your environment and your requirements. When I was a customer and partner helping customers I usually found it to be once every 6-12 months, though this was really more to keep the business happy, from my standpoint a test of the recovery plan was sufficient.


          A failover/failback might make sense after upgrading, though it wouldn't necessarily have to be the entire plan. It could just be done for a subset or test group.


          As I mentioned at the beginning though, it really depends on your comfort level and your business requirements.

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            pdrace Expert

            That sounds reasonable.