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    VCAP test vs Pearson practice test

    Krenztor Enthusiast

      Oops, I tried posting this topic to the VCAP forum earlier but I guess I put it in the wrong place.  Turns out I can offer the answer up front too now that I've taken the VCAP-DCA test.


      My question to the community had been whether the questions in the link below on the Pearson practice test were all the similar to the ones on the actual VCAP test.  As I found out the answer is that the Pearson practice test is far easier than the VCAP-DCA.  This came down to a few factors.  One is that I like the clear wording of the Pearson questions better than the VCAP ones.  In the VCAP you are met with many generalities rather than specifics which I think they do because it means you need to be able to read into what is being asked and realize what is really being asked for.  The second part is that the VCAP questions occasionally will require you to do a hodgepodge of unrelated things all in one question.  It threw me off going from several questions where all the items intertwined with each other to suddenly getting a question where you just need to jump all over the place.  Third is the environment.  The VCAP environment isn't my home lab and I'm far more comfortable doing the Pearson practice test in my home lab against using the laggy and cluttered VCAP environment.  Lastly, the sheer difficulty of the questions on the VCAP where much more difficult.  Not all of the questions were more difficult but some were.  I had one question that happened to be question #23 (final question) which was super easy.  Took maybe one minute to answer it which was a joy.  I guess the time pressure also plays a factor but I'm not sure if it is a negative or positive one.  Nothing like a cow prod to the back to get you moving but it doesn't make for very clear thinking.




      Anyways, I hope this helps others who had the same question as I did.