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    Appstack supported app

    john23 Expert

      Hi ,


      For one of my client, i need the appstack suppored apps, which can be deployed using appstack. Is there any official vmware Doc, please provide.




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          HenryLe0311 Novice

          There is no "supported" list. Too many apps in the world for something like that (you wont see it for things like App-V, thinapp, Unidesk, either).


          You have to try the app, and know that certain things will just never work. Agents, anti-virus, certain drivers in applications, etc. More apps will work in an app stack than in a virtual package like thinapp. but there is no list.

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            john23 Expert

            Agreed With you. Intent to ask this question when App volume release they must be testing or certifying some of the Software stack.



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              Ray_handels Master
              Community WarriorsvExpert

              During EAP there were some applications being tested but thes are the applications everyone and their mother uses (think about SAP, Winzip, stuff like that).

              To be honest, to this day we still need to find the first good written applications (I don't consider applications that install under %APPDATA% as a good application ) that does not work on AppVolumes. And believe me we had our fair share of crappy applications that work on AppVolumes.


              They only thing you need to take into consideration is how to handle user specific settings. You could try and use VMWare UEM or policies for that. Think about EULA's that need to be accepted. Licenses that need to be applied etc.

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