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    SQL Server 2012 Express install fails for vSphere Update Manager

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      Hello Experts,


      We had this vSphere environment which was running on v5.1 and we upgraded the same to v6.0 two days back.

      The upgrade went fine and we did the necessary updates to the Web client and can access the environment fine.

      However, we aren't able to upgrade the ESXi host coz we dont have the Update Manager installed. When we try installing the Update Manager setup, we end up with the error stating the SQL Server 2012 Express installation failed. It doesnt come up with specific error pointing to any missing pre-requisite or anything else. We double checked the pre-requisite and below is the server details;


      Windows Server 2008 R2

      Memory 12GB

      HDD: Free space 84GB

      .NET Framework v3.5 and 4.5 installed


      We need SQL database and being a small environment, we tried checking the box which installs the SQL Express before installing Update Manager, however, it fails.


      Kindly advise!!