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    Migrating files from multiple Datastores

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      Hello all,


      I have been tasked with migrating a VM that has 12-TB of attached storage (6  2-TB hard disks attached) from one server setup to another. Due to limitations with ESXi 5.1 and incompatibility issues with SAN storage devices, I cannot storage vMotion this VM so I am having to download the files to a NAS from the datastore and then upload them to the new server/SAN setup (ESXi 5.5).


      My question/problem: The 2-TB hard disks were spread across 3 different datastores. If I copy all the vmdk files from the 3 datastores, can I simply upload the files into one folder on the new SAN and rename the vmdk files so the will not appear as duplicates or will this be an issue? This is a Linux VM by the way.


      Any guidance would be appreciated.