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    QHAPI : How to add all groups to all roles?

    ScottAlbright Lurker

      Greetings -


      Hyperic version 4.6.5

      OS is linux


      I'm new to using the HQAPI and I'm trying to do something that feels like it should be simple, but it's tripping me up.  I'm looking to add all created groups to a set of existing roles (8).  Hopefully I want to do this in a few sync calls and not 100's of sync calls.  I cannot add the roles during group creation because I have more than 1 to add.


      I tried:

      cat groups | ./hqapi.sh group sync --addRole="My Role"


      but this only reloaded the groups with no change to owner of role.  If I call out each specific group by "name" and do "addRole", that will work but will be an extreme amount of sync calls.


      Anyone have a simple trick I'm missing?