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    Auto Deploy - Could not chain image

    atownsend Lurker



      Just installed a new VCSA 6.0 appliance and started trying to get AutoDeploy to work. I've got DHCP/TFTP working and when I pxe boot a host, I see it grab an address, grab a copy of undionly.kpxe.vmw-hardwired and then fail with the Could not chain image: Operation not supported message.



      The tramp file on my tftp server contains


      set filename



      But when I try to browse to that address, I get a http400 error. Same in the C# client, when I enter the AutoDeploy page I get a http400 error too. However, if I just browse to then I see the diagnostics page with registered host and cache page links.


      Just wondering if anyone else had run into this at all? One thing I'm questioning is where that address came from as its not one that my DHCP server is set to hand out.