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    VIN Log Files: Can they go to Log Insight

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      I've recently installed VIN Build 2505002.  As I was getting in installed and configured, I noticed that guide has a table (Table 3-2 - Generic Log Files).  These files are available in VIN, but I'm wondering if they could be redirected to Log Insight (like the Windows Event Logs are)..  Was this ever considered or is it like too much overkill.  I'd like to know because Log Insight is a Godsend and I like having all my log data readily accessible via one application.  The thought of going back to using Putty to SSH into the appliance and then navigate my way to the proper directories to get logs is quite mind numbing.  SSH into the appliance means that I have to be overly careful so that i don't screw anything up in there; and thereby screw up the appliance.


      I'd even be happy if someone in the community has come up with some kind of "fling" or something that we could 'manually' perform the log redirection ourselves.


      Thanks in advance.  I'm still a newbie (about 8 yrs invested in VMware), and I'm only now getting to these wonderful tools that go along with vCenter.  It has made my job so much simpler (and even more fun)!!


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