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    VSAN6 - Where can I find information compatible JBOD enclosures and external SAS cards?

    DanielSalzedoSA Novice

      I am working on a VSAN6 build for our environment which consists of Dell R720 servers with PERC H710P cards. They already have their internal disk bays full with local drives being used as both the ESXI boot drive and local a datastore. To avoid disruption I wanted to leave these drives in place. VSAN v6 says it allows for external JBOD enclosures so I my plan is to add a SAS JBOD shelf to each R720 and a PCIe SAS controller with external ports to each host. The plan was for the JBOD shelf to have 1xSAS SSD and 7xSAS HDD. I was looking at using something like the Supermicro SuperChassis 825TQ-R740LPB for the JBOD shelf.


      However once I started consulting the compatibility guide (VMware Compatibility Guide: vsan) I became very confused for two reasons:


      1. No JBOD enclosures are listed at all. It's not even a search filter option. Does this mean VMWare don't care at all about the enclosure, or are these listed somewhere else other than in the main Compatibility Guide?
      2. All the I/O controllers listed with external SAS ports (EG The LSI SAS9207-4i4e) have the following in the the Model Release Details/Footnotes: "Virtual SAN 6.0 can only support internal drives and cannot be used with the external capabilities of this controller". How can VSAN6 use external JBOD enclosures when none of the supported I/O cards support connecting external drives?