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    Horizon View Agent 6.0.2 Windows 8.1 Desktops - Adjusting screen size scale causes mouse pointer to be stuck in top-left corner

    solgaeDK Enthusiast



      I'm having some issues when I try to adjust the size scaling option in Windows 8.1 virtual desktop with View agent 6.0.2. When I try to change the scaling thru Control Panel -> Display -> Change the size of all items option (the Toggle Display Settings Control option is disabled per VMware KB: Settings tab is not available in the display control panel of a Horizon View desktop in local mode when t…). After I do this, the mouse pointer suddenly gets locked to the top-left corner, and I'm unable to move the mouse pointer out of that corner as the mouse pointer keeps jumping itself back into it. When I change the scaling back to the original (using keyboard to change the setting), the mouse pointer behavior returns to normal.


      Anyone else having this issue?