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    HA mode does not support more than one VC DC?

    simonea Novice

      OK, this is a minor rant/feature request..


      So according to the following - http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2115878#sf39023518


      vROps HA does not support nodes residing in separate DCs this was a surprise to me especially when the cited reason is latency yet when tested on a 10GB/s LAN it still fails after a period of time(<2ms)


      Part of my hope/expectation (rightly or wrongly) was to span 2 physical DCs (2xVCs) giving me a truly HA solution when in fact the HA is now restricted to being local HA (one could argue that you may as well rely on vSphere HA)


      Even in local mode HA does not protect you from down time during patching of the product.. so its value further diminishes..


      Now if I have missed something please let me know as I would be glad to see differing results to what I am seeing above.


      Else, consider this a feature request as vROps really is a great tool but HA needs to be more than it is now to be regarded as truly HA imo.

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          mark.j Master
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          vR Ops HA isn't meant or deisgned to handle spanning datacenters. The latency requirements are very tight, so spanning DCs makes it unfeasible at this time (v6.0.2). HA mode is meant to protect your data/cluster from failing if you lose a single node in the cluster. The recommendation is to put the replica on different host/datastore, so even if you leave the underlying resources for the master, you've still got you cluster config/master role online. I second your hope that HA will get better, and I'm certain that it will!