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    App Volumes Agent  causes Network Printers to fail to install

    taopiglet Novice

      We have recently setup an App Volumes 2.7 Server/environment utilizing AppStacks ONLY (NO Writable Volumes).  The AppStacks are working fine on Linked Clone Virtual Desktops.

      We normally deploy our network printers via Group Policy using pushprinterconnections.exe (part of Windows 2008 R2).  This has worked fine for years until we installed the App Volumes Agent on the Virtual Desktops.  Now, the Network Printers will not install on the Virtual Desktops.  The only errors we see are in Event Viewer (Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows/Print Services/Admin).  The below are the errors we see:


      Error 601:  Client Side Rendering

      The print spooler failed to download and import the printer driver from \\SERVERNAME into the driver store for driver HP Laserjet xxxx


      Error 215:  Installing a Print Driver

      Installing printer driver HP Laserjet xxxx failed, error code 0x3, HRESULT 0x80070057


      We also cannot manually install printers with the App Volumes Agent installed once we have received the above errors...we get the message "Printer cannot be found". 


      NOTE:  We are using the same exact Master Image to create Windows 7 (SP1) Linked Clone Virtual Desktops.  This image has 2 Snapshots...one without App Volumes Agent and one with App Volumes Agent.  This is the only difference between the two snapshots.  Linked clones created without the App Volumes Agent can install/receive Group Policy Network Printers without any issues.  Linked clones created with the App Volumes Agent installed fail to install the Network Printers.

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