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    How to convert vCOPS heat maps to vROPS?

    jengl Novice

      Hi all,


      I want to convert the following vCOPS heatmap to vROPS:


      For each datastore, which VMs currently have the highest I/O usage and latency?


      It seems that this one is missing in vROPS. I have created the following new heatmap:



      It seems to work, but the heatmap is only shown when I select the vCenter, a datacenter, a cluster, a host or a VM. But not when I select an datastore. Thats kind of counterintuitive, in vCOPS you had smallest box option, which didnt exist anymore in vROPS.


      Is it possible to create an heatmap, who works like the old vCOPS one?





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          mark.j Master
          VMware Employees

          That config isn't something I'd recommend. You've got a child object set as the group by.. e.g. datastore being used for grouping of VMs. VMs can reside on multiple datastores, so you'd end up with a flaky display with logical that cannot be successful (you cannot logically box a VM inside two datastore containers at the same time, you might get multiple representations of the same VM). I suggest using something that you can actually group a VM under reliably, like anything above VM (host,cluster,folder,etc). Outer grouping is "Group By", inner grouping is "Then by". Smallest box will always be the object type you've selected, unless your doing instances.

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            jengl Novice

            Thanks mark.j


            I have now created the following heatmap:



            When I use this heatmap against a cluster I have a nice overview of the I/O metrics of the different VMs.


            And for the datastore the same, I only have to use the heatmap against an cluster.