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    Exception 0x0000005 (access violation) has occurred

    JordyG Lurker

      We noticed VMWare tools on one of our hosts had an error prompt after logging in, it says:


      WMware Tools unrecoverable error: (vthread-3) Exception 0x0000005 (access violation) has occured.


      I ran the vm-support.vbs and have the support.zip.
      Which file in there should I check to see why we got this error and if we need to resolve this from happening?


      I've checked some articles that describe a similar problem:
      VMware KB: VMware Tools on a Windows virtual machine fails with the error: Exception 0xc0000005 (access violation)

      But this doesn't seem to be our case (ESXi 5.x) as on the host there's only 1 "hgfsUsability.dll".


      What is the official recommendation here to see why it's happening or what we need to do?