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    VM direct local access SATA Hard disk on ESXI 6.0

    cyberguard2k Lurker

      Hi All,


      So just finish installing ESXI 6 on my home whitebox file server. Nothing fancy, all local SATA hard disk. (i.e. no NAS/SAN)


      Because all hardrive are used, I wanted to confirm if it is possible for Virtual Machine running on ESXI to access hard disk directly ?


      I have a hard disk that contains only photo. I'd like one of my virtual machine to have exclusive access to that hard disk. Since I have no spare HD with enough space to copy the file to and build a virtual datastore, I tought I could use the hard disk directly.


      However, after reading around it seem that all Virtual Machine hard disk need to be virtualize.

      ==> Q1. Is that correct ? There no way to use a local hard disk in a VM directly ?


      My plan was to have one hard disk repurpose to contain all the VM file and keep the other 'data' hard disk as it. i.e. not virtualize them.


      Seem like I'll have to come up with a new plan ...Just want to confirm first.


      ==> Q.2 I can't figure out where to find the QuickStart Series on-demand webcast. Appreciate any pointer on how to get to them.


      Thanks in advance