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    How to delay triggered actions in VC alarms

    lvaibhavt Hot Shot

      Hi All,


      In my environment I have 6 VC's. We have configured VC alarms on all of them.


      When a alarms triggers it sends a SNMP trap to the SNMP Server. With the help of the VMware MIB's SNMP server converts the SNMP trap to meaningful information. Then this information is forwarded to SOI and a ticket is created for my Team.


      Concern is -- if there is a network disconnection for 4 to 5 seconds that we get Host / Datastore / VM disconnection alerts. We have around 100+ virtual DC's. If this happens on 4 to 5 sites a day then we get a lot of tickets.


      As per network team the network disconnection threshold cannot be changed.


      Is there a way that I can increase the time for the actions that are triggered by VC alarms. I want to increase the time for the SNMP traps that are sent from VC to the SNMP Server.


      I do not have PSO Support to log a case with VMware


      Any assistance will be much appreciated. Please let me know if you require any other info.