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    VMRC limit privlège of resize

    ttib2 Lurker
      Hello everybody ,
      With the new VRMC in Vsphère webClient V6 we have the possibility to resize the Windows , but when we resize the Windows the impact is that the graphic resolution of server change.
      it is a problem for us because we have force the resolution of the virtual machine with these option via powercli.
      New-AdvancedSetting -Entity $vm -Name svga.autodetect -Value false -Confirm:$false -Force:$true
      New-AdvancedSetting -Entity $vm -Name svga.maxHeight -Value 1024 -Confirm:$false -Force:$true
      New-AdvancedSetting -Entity $vm -Name svga.maxWidth -Value 1280 -Confirm:$false -Force:$true
      do you know how to disable the possibility of change the size of the VMRC console ?
      thanks in advance.