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    H730 driver from Vmware site for Vsphere 6.0?

    burvil Novice

      I have a cluster with VSAN working, but the Virtual SAN Health plugin gives a warning under Virtual SAN HCL health -> Controller Driver, where the Driver in use is slightly different from what's in the HCL.  I used the customized ISO for VSAN/VMware from the Dell site, and this is the only warning the plugin gives.  I'd like to install specifically the correct version on the HCL.


      So, I found it for download at PERC H730/H730P/H830 Mini/Adapter RAID Controllers firmware version Driver Details | Dell US, but it doesn't list a download for VMware, only windows and linux. I see it in the VMware HCL at http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/detail.php?deviceCategory=vsanio&productid=34853&vcl=true, where it lists a download for Vsphere 5.5, but 6.0.  How would I deploy for my 6.0 cluster?  Do I need to use the Windows driver from the Dell site and deploy with OME?  I'd prefer to get it from the VMware site.   Am I looking in the wrong place on the vmware site?