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    HP Proliant Dl160 G6 extra noise appeared

    vivasindustries Novice

      Hi there guys! I am not really sure if this is the right place for this kind of question, but excuse me if it is not.



      Yestarday i've bought an HP Proliant Dl160 G6.



      For the first time i've connect it to the power supply it started by it self.

      In the first one minute while it was loading the server was a bit noisy but after it loaded it, the server became very silent. On the same time when it gave an signal to the monitor connected to the server, the server became really silent.



      Today i've shutted down the server from the vSphere cliend and i've disconnected the server from this room and connected it into another.

      But strangelly today when i start the server again it became even louder when it loaded everything and started the signal to the monitor.



      What can be the reason for that when there is anything else different from yesterday. The server does not have any extra pressure from the same that it has yesterday, what can be the reason and how i can make my server quiet like it was ?



      Thanks in advance!

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