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    VSA Licensing issue -- looking for solutions

    UBSWZ Lurker

      We recently migrated our 2 vCenter servers (with new server name) from Server 2008R2 platform to Server 2012R2 platform.

      The migration itself went through with no issues, the problem started from VSA manager installation. We were not be able to apply the VSA license during the installation, had to skip this step to get VSA manager installed.

      We followed some suggestions from online sources, such as login to the server with local administrator and run VSA manager installation .exe as administrator, but no luck!

      And then unable to apply VSA license to VSA add-on, the license manger keep thinking the license is vCenter Server standard license without VSA add-on, and got couple of different error messages when trying different ways to apply the license(Please see the attached screenshots for more details).

      Then we opened an Licensing support request with the licensing support team, they have checked the license status and everything looks OK for them. They ask to create an request with technical support team to resolve this problem.

      But after 3 weeks of the creation of the technical support request, spent about 8 to 10 hours had couple of WebEX sessions with Vmware support team (they re-installed VSA manager, grabbed all the logs, VSA DB and screenshots), but we are still waiting for solutions as the clock is ticking and the evaluation mode is expiring soon!

      Dose any one have the same of similar issue with VSA licensing?


      Basic Info:

      Windows Server 2012 R2

      vCenter Server Version: 5.5.0 Build 2646482

      VSA Manager Version:

      VSA Version: