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    Onyx not passing everything through to/from server?

    rwickberg Lurker

      I have Onyx 2.2.5161.29309 connected to my server, I run the VMware client, connect to Onyx, it shows me the server.  Onyx says:


      # ------- QueryHostConnectionInfo -------



      $_this = Get-View -Id 'HostSystem-ha-host'



      Now I tell it to connect an iso file on my client machine as a CD on the VM.  Onyx says:


      # ------- AcquireCloneTicket -------



      $_this = Get-View -Id 'SessionManager-ha-sessionmgr'



      But this process never  completes.  After doing this, I can forever click on the Connect CD/DVD drive in the client, and it will say CD/DVD drive connecting...


      If I connect the client straight to the server this process completes very quickly.