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    vRA 6.2.1 Using Identity Appliance: "Use Windows session authentication" // Not working

    Michael.Rudloff Enthusiast

      I think this is happening since the early days and I thought I read that this has been fixed already, but it doesn't seem to be the case.


      I read through some of the threads here and it seem people experience different problems with this, so please excuse me if this has been covered already.


      This particular vRA infrastructure uses the Identity Appliance for SSO rather than the vCenter one.


      When browsing to the vRA interface you can see the neat tickbox to use the Windows credentials



      When you tick it though, User name and Password remain empty, which as a result causes the login to fail




      I had a look at both VMware KBs: 2090617 & 2058298


      KB2090617 seem to be the one coming closest to the problem although my environment does not use any CNAME records.

      Just to confirm, the Identity Appliance is indeed in AD


      So I created two SPNs, not just for HTTP as mentioned in the KB, but for HTTPS as well


      setspn -S HTTP/vra621-ident.vspherelab.co.uk VRA621-IDENT

      setspn -S HTTPS/vra621-ident.vspherelab.co.uk VRA621-IDENT


      Which are "in"




      None of it makes a difference. Ticking the Windows Credentials still ends up with empty User name and Password boxes with failed logins.


      Using the credentials manually works and the Client Integration Plugin is enabled as well.


      I tried several different values to no avail.


      Could someone please point me into the right direction ?