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    need dhclient or udhcpc inside photon

    sdetweil Lurker

      my containers need to appear on the local lan. (the app being run calls back to the requestor with the source IP address, so it must be addressable)

      I have built a docker/pipework process to do that, but have found a problem with guests running under virtualization software VMWare player/workstation, and others)..

      (pipework on github)


      when the container starts, it needs to get its ip address from the dhcp server that is the same as the one used by the photon host.

      the dhcp-request goes out correctly, the dhcpr-offer comes back from the dhcp server, but the container never sees the response.

      I believe this is because the virtual network driver doesn't realize the mac address for the mac vlan interface in the container is part of its job, and so

      doesn't pickup and pass the packet up to the container.


      does photon have the same trouble?


      I tried to move this process from my local physical host to my company environment, running all virtual under vsphere, and cannot make it work.

      I can recreate locally. (using both ubuntu and centos 7 as VM Workstation guests).


      use your favorite container, which doesn't require networking to start (need to be root or use sudo for following commands)



      from ubuntu

      cmd tail -f /var/log/bootstrap.log


      docker build -t foo .




      docker run --net=none --name=test --privileged foo

      bash -x pipework eth0 -i eth1 test dhcp


      this will hang at the invocation of the dhclient


      to run pipework on photon will need dhclient.. can't find thru yum


      edit: I downloaded and built dhclient 4.3.2., photon exhibits the same problem..

      so this is really upstream from the guests


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