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    SNMP on VCSA 6.0 (vCenter Server Appliance) not working

    Matt.B Enthusiast

      On 2 of my 5 VCSA 6.0 appliances, SNMP polls are not working.  VCSA is 6.0 build 2656761 on all.  The non-working ones are using an external PSC (another VCSA) which appears to be the only difference.  Commands I used...

      *Community string replaced for this post

      Command> snmp.set --communities myCommunityString

      Command> snmp.enable


      When I use the Windows tool MIB walk with myCommunityString, it fails the test immediately.  It works fine on my other 3 VCSAs.  I have logged into the shell and verified snmpd service is running.


      Anyone know what is incorrect?