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    SQL 2012 SP2 support

    obsidian009 Novice

      SQL 2012 SP2 was released in June, 2014. Tomorrow will be 1 year since it's been released...yet there is still no support?!


      Last year we figured, ok...5.5 isn't going to get it. Surely 6.0 will support it. Nope!


      What is the deal? Will it ever be supported? How many years will it take? I don't understand the massive delays. Ridiculous.

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          obsidian009 Novice

          Hello? Anyone? Bueller?


          I noticed it's not just SQL 2012 that is behind on latest SP support...but basically every version of MS SQL.


          SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3. Release date: September 26th, 2014. 251 days since release and still not supported.

          SQL Server 2012 SP2. Release date: June 10th, 2014. 359 days since release and still not supported.

          SQL Server 2014 SP1 was released in April, 2015...so it's only been about 50 days, I can understand that not being enough time for proper testing and certification. However, if the trend from above continues we can expect that it still won't be certified for another year.


          I'd like someone statement or acknowledgement from VMware regarding this... Do you EVER intend to support these versions? Was there some special issue or problem with them? What kind of timeframe should we expect on average before new major SP versions are supported? 251-359+ days seems highly excessive. Is there some desire to push customers away from MS SQL for their vCenter databases?


          I have organizational requirements to stick with Windows & MS SQL and I have no instance available to move vCenter to that runs a supported version (because we're up to date with Service Packs!). This means I have to perform a bunch of additional work to create a special dedicated instance just for vCenter. Oh, and we don't have spare SQL licenses just sitting around unused, so that also means $$$. I don't want to go through all that if VMware already knows it's planned to be supported in the next release and it's coming in a few weeks or something.


          We deserve some answers.

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            beefy147 Enthusiast

            +1 for SQL Server 2014 SP1 support


            Released in April but we are forced to use RTM and wait for the SP1 support


            the RTM technically goes out of support 12 months after SP1 is released. its almost 5 months since release


            whats going on