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    Module 7 of HOL-SDC-1401 doesn't have Compliance tab showing

    alchemista Lurker



      I was trying to do Module 7 of HOL-SDC-1401, and I ran the restartVCM script which looks like it finished.  However, when I login to vROM and go to the compliance tab for all objects, it just shows “?” and says there are 5 unknown objects.  It doesn’t show up active as shown in the lab.


      See the screenshot below.  I also tried to load the “HVM – vR Ops 6” bookmarked instance of vROM, but it does not have the WIN2K8R2-1 object mentioned in the module, so I think the main vROM instance should be used.  However, that is the one that shows greyed out as below.


      Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong, or let me know when the lab module is corrected so I can continue.  Thank you.