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    Ghettovcb crashes SBS 2008 VM

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      I've been using Ghettovcb for 2 years, to do a daily backup of all our VM's.

      GhettoVCB makes a live backup of all our VM's to a 2nd disk-pool of our SAN.

      We have had a failed disk on this backup-pool about 2 weeks ago and had to rebuild the recreate the pool with new disks.


      Since then, all backups are running fine again to the new pool, except the backup of the SBS 2008 VM has failed twice (and has performed well about 8 times).

      (failed each time on thursday - but no special/extra scheduled task on thursday).

      The Ghettovcb script is initiated from within the SBS 2008 VM : scheduled task > batch file > plink > ghettovcb script.

      The output from the batch file is written to a logfile.


      So what happened twice :

      - the next morning we see that the server is offline.

      - Logging in on the VSphere Client and opening opening the VM Console : the SBS 2008 VM has apparently restarted and is now frozen on the windows boot logo (black background) with

          the progress bar at about 80%.

      - I have to restart the VM in safe mode. Boots up fine.

      - Then I can restart in normal mode and everything is working fine again.

      - So now I delete the existing snapshot so that ghettovcb can continue doing daily backups


      I can see that logfile ends at 95% cloning of the first disk.

      Some more data :

      - Host : HP Proliant DL160 G8 - 64GB RAM - ESXi 5.5

      - VM : SBS 2008 SP2. Only VM running on this Host. Other VM's are running on our 2nd Host.

      - Storage : Iomega StorCenter ix12-300r. 2 NFS shares to Host : 1 for VM's and 1for backup VM's  (on each there is ample free space).


      Can somebody please advice?