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    Issues with Shell32.dll, NTDLL.DLL and Migration from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012

    vcrandall Lurker

      Hello all,


      I am new to ThinApp and working as a consultant to help a company migrate older Windows 2003 software to Windows 2012.  They have purchased ThinApp so that is what we will be using.

      We have created a clean 2003 VM and did a pre-scan

      We loaded the application and configured it  and then did a capture.

      We then tested the capture the 2003 VM and it works

      We then loaded the capture on a Clean 2003 VM and it works

      We then loaded onto a 2012 VM and when running the app from a command window get an error  -missing import shell32.dll:StrCpyNW

      If we run the capture in Emulation Mode on 2012 VM, we do not get the Shell32.dll error but instead the cmd fails with a Fault Module Name  - NTDLL.DLL error


      I am sure I am just missing the correct location to identify or configure the capture - but do not have the experience to know where yet.  (Taking training next week).

      Until then, is there any suggestions which I can try?


      Thanks for your time in advance,