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    VM unable to obtain IP Address

    Selvazz Lurker

      In our environment, Virtual machine hosted on VMware was unable to connect to the network showing Limited connectivity error. When we diagnosed, we found that the VLAN in which the VM was associated didn`t have any more free IP`s. So, we created a new VLAN and followed the following steps


      1. Shutdown the VM & removed the existing Network Adapter.

      2.  Created a network adapter & added the newly created VLAN.

      3. Started the VM.


      VM was still was unable to get the IP.


      Below mentioned troubleshooting was also done, which was not successful.


      1. Validated if there is any DNS entry for the host name.

      2. Tried assigning Static IP.

      3. DHCP server was not reachable from the machine, but was able to ping loop back IP (



      Kindly provide your suggestions

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          Richardson Porto Champion
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          If you assign a static IP you can ping the IP address of your DHCP server ?


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            This error occurs when there is a network configuration error.

            For static IP, the cause is typically an IP address conflict.


            For DHCP, common causes include:

            The number of virtual machines that require IPs exceeds the available DHCP addresses.

            The DHCP server fails to allocate sufficient addresses.

            The DHCP renew process failed after an IP address expires.


            It crequire possible solutions to recover it

            Verify that the vSphere port group has enough available ports for the new virtual machine.

            If the network is using static IP addressing, ensure that the IP address range is not used by another virtual machine.

            If the network is using DHCP addressing, ensure that there is an available IP address to allocate for the new virtual machine.

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              gopanaboena Enthusiast

              I supported Salvazz question and check in the same VLAN is there any other VM, is it working?