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    Upgrading VMWare Fusion 6 to 7 - cannot uninstall VMTools - VMTools64.msi has been deleted.

    mikeopolo Novice

      I have Windows 7 (64 bit) running as a guest OS on a MacBook Pro, hosted by VMware Fusion.


      I have upgraded the Mac to OSX Yosemite, and Fusion from 6 to 7.


      Now I am finding that some important Windows apps are crashing, the faulty dll appears to be vm3dvm.dll. One suggestion I have seen is to upgrade VMTools.


      However, when I run this process (via Virtual Machine, Update VMware tools...) I am prompted to locate vmwaretools64.msi, in order to uininstall the previous version of VMTools. This msi was placed in a sub-folder of c:\temp (why????!!), but has been deleted long ago when disk cleanup was run to conserve free space.


      What is the solution? Is it possible to obtain the vmwaretools64.msi for Fusion 6 from VMware website (I have searched without success)? Or is there another way?


      I am very keen to get help as apps that have crashed include my accounting app & my screen-capture program.