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    hyperic custom reports


      Good day,


      I am looking at a way to get data from Hyperic database in order to get metrics where I can't have Hyperic linked to vROps.


      I have looked and read about iReports, SQL query but I need some help, if possible. I have installed iReport, connect to the database, but that is as far as i went...


      I need the following in a report...


      I have been able to get the platform, OS, IP, but I would like to get info about CPU, #core, #socket, usage, peak, same for memory (usage, peak) disk capacity and used capacity.


      Are there anyone who've done it and could help me?

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          sellersna Novice

          I have worked a lot with the Hyperic Database and writing Custom reports via Jasper Studio (newest iReports version). 


          It is not a easy task and took a lot to understand the relationships within the tables since there is limited documentation.  Additionally, I did most of my development in  version 4.6 of Hyperic, when I recently upgraded, the the measurement table's DSN column (which is how you get the individual metric name) is now Encrypted, though during our upgrade I disable the encryption of those values so that my reports would continue to function.

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            Would you have any reports that you could share? queries?


            We are still in a need of progressing for my client. I might get the CSVs but will be lots of manual entries