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        SydHam Lurker

        Hello Guy,

        Can you please let me know which kind of questions need to be practiced for VCA-DCV to pass the exam?I'm not able to find its book on internet!

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          hjuninho27 Lurker

          I did take 1v0-621 twice times in this week. In both tests I failed.

          Most of the questions that occurred in my first test, also fell in the second.
          I studied all the first exam questions sure to hit at least 80% of the questions of the second test.
          I wonder what the criteria for approval of this exam. How many questions I have to hit to pass the exam? I believe that there is something wrong in this exam.

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            luischavez714 Novice

            a consultation and ultimately how you came to pass the exam. Because I saw the thread of the conversation you mentioned that came to pass with 400, Igua have given them twice and I could not move. A consultation at the end vmware you indicated. I reconociero or you got another chance or you came back to pay for the third time the exam

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              luischavez714 Novice

              I am a student from Peru,

              Study courses basics of virtualization, also surrendered my test run, check each topic on the agenda and study and practice.

              I had an incident happened to tell you:

              On Sunday 10/10/16 after reviewing the topics listed for the exam 1V0-621, I surrendered my exam and did not approve.

              Then today 10/16/21, after reviewing again, and verify my mistakes, about to give me my exam as a second chance and again the lowest score appears.

              Requests can check my review or verify the answers you mark as they are twice that I'm giving it and get a result less than 300.

              The first time I went the pass score came 206 and 201 this day.

              Request please verify my case because I have invested almost $ 200 on two occasions. And it seems that there are problems with the system.

              Please appreciate it enough, and to consider enough to pay my exam and are two opportunities. Additionally I tell him that in my second chance appeared almost all questions on my first attempt, Please check maybe there was a problem with the system or my team.

              So is fellow, no sense that has failed the test for the second time. After my first attempt, analize each question carefully, I think the exam is a problem in calculating. It would be good to report it, I hope to have my mail sent to certification @ vmware someone check this test. Because it does not seem fair. The other thing you might think is that my IP of my laptop has been pressed and the system has not processed correctly, thinking that is the examination of my first attempt.

              I do not understand, this situation is regrettable, I understand your case, the trouble and sadness that have been going on and I hope to also have reported, keep us aware vmware to see who responds. I hope we analize the exams because the answers should be there recorded in the system.


              It would appreciate enough.


              ALSO THIS IS MY CASE. They know they could make no sense that after correcting my questions you out minor note. I sent mail t certification@vmware.com, you know if I do something else?

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                syedhaider79 Lurker

                Hi All,


                I have a same case. i prepared for this. I appeared two times and failed. I have done detailed preparation, Labs everything but VMWare failed me. Its very strange. I have mailed them couple of times and i am sure there is something seriously wroooooooooong.


                Before looking at this thread i thought i have lost my memory and I was very much disappointed.


                But after discussing with lot of people around and looking at this thread i am sure VMWare is doing something wrong ... May be making money from certification.


                I have lost my hopes with VMware.



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                  Kotu247 Lurker

                  I would advise anyone reading this to avoid this test (1V0-621) completely.  I took the test three times as well, barely failing each time.  On the third attempt, I verified that my answers matched their provided coursework and/or product data sheets and/or VMWare documentation center.  Over 80% of my answers were found in nearly word-for-word condition, and I saved screen shots of the answers from the aforementioned sites in the VMWare web family.  I've offered to walk through my findings with the certification staff, but they won't even call me back.  Their "solution" is to tell me via e-mail that they reviewed all three of my tests and I indeed failed them each time.  I've explained that I have proof that at least 80% of my questions were answered correctly per their coursework, but they don't seem to be very interested in a true investigation.  My interaction with their support people leads me to believe that either they don't care that their coursework has contradictory answers, or they don't want to take the time to verify my claim to begin with.  Perhaps even worse, the test may be purposefully fraudulent to ensure people pay multiple times before finally "guessing" the answers that match their answer key.


                  I expect this post will be deleted by moderators soon, but any of you who do see it - DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! 

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                    bowdy25 Lurker

                    You've taken the exam 4 times and failed, 4/4 times?


                    What other certifications have you tried to take, do you have any other certifications?, do you think/feel as though you have put enough time and effort, and have the right study/prep strategies to prepare for the exam? I mean don't take it the wrong way but this is the VMWare Data centers entry level theory based cert isn't supposed to be the easiest one, however the only tricky part is some ( only a few) of them may be a little subject to interpretation. Other than that, straight foward, you just got to know what they ask. Period.

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