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      ive given vca6-dcv exam 4 times and each time after thorough studying. I am very sure all my answers are correct and was expecting a score of 400 at least. But all the 4 times my score remains 284 or 290. Which doesn't makes any sense? I strongly believe there is some issue somewhere? Is there any negative marking for incorrect answers or taking a long time to reply to questions even though you don't exceed the overall 75 min time limit?


      there is seriously some issue somewhere as I know my answers are correct and would yield me a minimum of 400 worst case

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          scott28tt Guru
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          You only get positive marks, and the scoring is done when either you finish the exam or the time runs out.


          So, it seems you're not getting enough items correct to get the points needed to pass.

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            scott28tt Guru
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            I doubt that's the case. You could always email certification@vmware.com and ask them to investigate your result.

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              birchmania Lurker

              I have the same Problem!


              I took the exam twice and unfortunately I failed again. I only had 268 points in the second exam and I also have the feeling that Pearson VUE system does not check the exam correctly.


              Today I received the following feedback from certification@vmware.com which I cannot believe this is true...


              We have received you request to analyze your exam results.  We have retrieved your results, and after review, we have confirmed that the score you received was accurate.

              The score report you received will have identified the objectives on the exam where, taken individually, that section did not achieve a passing score. We would recommend you obtain the current version of the exam blueprint and review the information provided for these objectives. You can also utilize our free practice exam, the link for which is included in the blueprint. Finally, you can access the online community and socialize with other VMware Certified professionals.

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                birchmania Lurker



                We have once again requested our VMware Certification Development SME (Subject Matter Expert) to review your exam and confirm the details.


                Kindly allow 2-3 working days to revert with the details.




                VMware Certification Program


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                  Same here. I took this exam twice and didn't pass either one(290 on both attempts). I hold multiple VCAs, VCPs, and VCAPs. I felt confident on over 90% of my answers on this exam and still didn't pass. Not going for it again. Its either poorly worded or the "correct" answers are not accurate.

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                    birchmania Lurker


                    Thanks for your query. We understand that exams take a lot of preparation and study and time, so appreciate the effort you put into the exam, especially in attempting it twice. Per your request, we have validated that the exam has been built properly, with the right questions and answer choices. We have found that it is built correctly.


                    We also have each exam reviewed by multiple subject matter experts (SMEs) for technical accuracy, clarity, and readability, with the result of the exam questions and correct answer choices being technically accurate.


                    For any new development and upgrades on the exam, we will continue to re-validate and re-develop the exams so that they continue to improve and remain a true assessment of competencies.




                    VMware Certification Program


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                      birchmania Lurker

                      Today, I passed the exam with a score of 440 points. 

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                        wdalhaj Lurker


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                          Achandio Lurker

                          Dear All ,

                          Im new in VMware ..so i did prep for VCA6-DCV  from books or cbt nuggets video Also ..is it enough ??what are passing marks and total marks .......


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                            Review this page, and follow the links on it: VCA6-DCV Certification

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                              bobmani Lurker

                              Hi ,


                              Can you please help me in passing VCA6


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                                bobmani Lurker

                                Hi ,


                                Can you please help me in passing VCA6


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                                  Review the information on this page, and follow the links for the training and exam:


                                  VCA6-DCV Certification

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                                    Ahmad_Bialy Lurker

                                    How can I schedule a VCA 6 exam using pearson vue , there's no date or location to be defined as usual with pearson vue , is it online , please advise

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