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    How to get an Apple USB Superdrive to be recognized in Windows 7 VM

    macmadden Lurker



      I have just installed Win 7 VM under FMWare Fusion 7.x, and cannot get Windows to recognize the USB external Superdrive.  I go up under Virtual Machine and click to connect, it says it will and do I want it to always do this?  I click YES.  And nothing.  When I look under USB and Bluetooth drives, SATA is the one selected, but USB is not a choice.  Just SATA, IDE, and SCSI!!


      If I unplug the drive and plug it back in several times, MAYBE it will be recognized, and sucks the DVD in.  Once it actually let me install software.  But that was it.


      I had it set to ask what to do, so I could pick windows or mac, and it did to that, so I know it is recognizing the drive is plugged in.  I then set it to always be windows, but does not matter.


      I got error saying device requires installation of Apple Bootcamp driver disk in the virtual machine.  NOT sure why, since I am not using Bootcamp at all.  However, I went thru the motions in Bootcamp Asst, downloaded the driver from the machine with the VM, and saved it to a thumb drive.  Relaunched the VM, went into the thumb drive to set up, and it comes back with error, this cannot be installed on this system.  What?????


      So I am in a loop right now.  REALLY need the VM to recognize the external Apple Superdrive, so need to know how to accomplish this.


      VMWare Tooks are installed, and VMWare is up to date.  As is Windows.