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    How do I create an organization by Linux Script?

    StanleyYau Lurker

      I have already got the token from the vCloud director and save it into the cookie file.

      so I have the parameter call authheader to recall the token which is $authheader.

      Here is my script:

      curl -i -k -H "Accept:application/*+xml;version=1.5" \

      -H "$authheader" \

      -H "Content-type:application/vnd.vmware.admin.organization+xml" \

      -X POST https://vcloud.example.com/api/admin/orgs \

      -d @$user/create_org.xml

      But the result is 400 bad request...

      However, my content of xml is correct because I tried to create an organization from RESTClient and is was created successfully.

      Please help me to identify the problem. Thank You.