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    issues with /tmp partition size


      I already posted this issue on github ( https://github.com/vmware/photon/issues/32 ), but realize that since it is not necessarily a bug, I searched for a better venue and found this forum.


      Hi folks, I was installing lattice on photon, which writes a lot of stuff to /tmp . However, in my default install of photon, /tmp is sized at 174M, and the lattice installer runs out of space in /tmp, despite my main partition having plenty of free space.

      Changing the size of the /tmp directory did not seem to be as simple as changing /etc/fstab . Grepping around it seemed like maybe I could change /etc/mtabs , but the file was read-only, so I wasn't sure if it was auto-generated.

      So two questions:

      • why is the default for /tmp so small?
      • what is the recommended route to change this?