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    Syncronize "tags" between vcenter servers

    vCJ Novice

      Maybe someone already have a solution for this, so I will ask here before I pull all my hair out.


      In one of our vcenter we started using tags a while back. Looks like that is the way we want to go, so now the challenge is how to "sync" tags between all our vcenter servers.

      Hopefully some of you already have a way of doing this, or some idea on where to start.


      I guess we could export using csv and import to an other vcenter? Or is there a better way?

      All suggestions are very welcome at this stage..


      Best Regards

      Jorgen S

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          LucD Guru
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          What exactly do you want to sync ?

          The tag categories, the tag assignments....?

          If it's tag assignments, how does that work with entities. Are the same entities present ion both vCenters ?

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            vCJ Novice

            Hi LucD


            I basically just wanna copy/paste all the categories and tags, not the assignments

            That way we have the same tag "library" in all vcenters.

            I just dont want to manually insert all the categories and tags in all my vcenters.


            Create in "master" vcenter --> copy to all other vcenter servers.

            - No, vm relations that will be set in the individual vcenter when new vm's get deployed.

            I just need the tags and the tag categories to be there when someone deploy a new vm and then they can assign the right tag for their vm.

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              LucD Guru
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              You could use a CSV file to export/import categories and tags.

              Something like this.

              Note that depending on the number of connections you have open, you would need to use the Server parameter to indicate where to export/import.


              1) Export


              &{foreach($tCat in Get-TagCategory){

                  $tags = Get-Tag -Category $tCat


                      $tags | Select @{N='Category';E={$tCat.Name}},@{N='cDescription';E={$tCat.Description}},@{N='Cardinality';E={$tCat.Cardinality}},Name,Description



                      $tCat | Select @{N='Category';E={$tCat.Name}},@{N='cDescription';E={$tCat.Description}},@{N='Cardinality';E={$tCat.Cardinality}},@{N='Name';E={''}},@{N='Description';E={''}}


              }} | Export-Csv C:\tag.csv -NoTypeInformation -UseCulture


              2) Import


              foreach($tag in Import-Csv c:\tag.csv -UseCulture){


                      Get-TagCategory -Name $tag.Category -ErrorAction Stop



                      New-TagCategory -Name $tag.Category -Description $tag.cDescription -Cardinality $tag.Cardinality -Confirm:$false




                          Get-Tag -Category $tag.Category -Name $tag.Name -ErrorAction Stop



                          New-Tag -Name $tag.Name -Category $tag.Category -Description $tag.Description -Confirm:$false




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                vCJ Novice

                This was just perfect LucD, thank you so much.

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                  ifany Lurker

                  This works on 6.5 just ran it today.