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    Migrating SRM database

    pdrace Expert

      I'm preparing to move the database from one of my SRM servers from one database server to a new one.

      The old database server is running MS SQL server 2005 (32 bit) and the new server is running MS SQL server 2014 (64 bit).

      I had attempted to move the database previously to a MS SQL 2012 server and failed. Further research showed that SRM 5.1.2 or any other version of SRM isn't  supported on MS SQL server 2012 SP2 only SP1. I've upgraded SRM to 5.1.3 so it will be compatible with MS SQL 2014.


      Questions: Does it matter that the new database is 64 bit? Do you still use a 32 bit DSN?

                         Should I upgrade the Native SQL client on the SRM server?


      Hopefully the move will work this time. Support said all that was necessary to move it was to:

      1. Stop the SRM service

      2. Move the database to the new server.

      3. Reconfigure the ODBC connection

      4. Restart the SRM service


      When I move it last time the service would start and the stop. Not sure if that can be attributed to the unsupported database SP, somehow I'm suspicious that wasn't the problem.