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    Guest Agent install via SCCM

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      Hello everyone


      I am (desperately) trying to get the guest agent to install properly via SCCM (our build method for windows servers) using vRA 6.2.1 but having no luck and therefore my machines are deleting a few hours after they are created


      I have followed the instructions here to create the package http://pubs.vmware.com/vra-62/index.jsp#com.vmware.vra.iaas.physical.doc/GUID-B5BDDE7F-D59C-4D97-BF88-FC1C8FF645B1.html?resultof=%2522%2573%2563%2563%256d%2522%2520%2522%2567%2575%2565%2573%2574%2522%2520%2522%2561%2567%2565%256e%2574%2522%2520


      however it doesn't seem to be installing at all. Any gotchas i should be looking for? We don't have UAC enabled in our environment (however it is disabled by group policy so would be "on" during build)


      We are using SCCM 2012 R2 building a 2012 R2 server. The iaas server is also on 2012 R2 and I have also followed and confirmed it is patched against the following problem http://cloudrelevant.com/2014/08/19/vcac-6-0-x-with-windows-2012-guest-agent-looping/


      If we were using templates I would move along and worry about the guest agent later but with SCCM as the deployment method this isn't a choice I can make


      Any help or advice greatly appreciated!

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          beefy147 Enthusiast

          p.s. the documentation lists that the final step must be the guest agent install. I tried this but actually think i got further having it a few steps before the end of the SCCM task sequence. how important is the order?

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            beefy147 Enthusiast

            An update after going through the smsts.log on a machine which attempts to install the agent


            the files get copied down and attempt to install but then it just waits with ""waiting for job status notification" and has been on that status for 2.5hrs so isnt working


            any ideas?


            screenshots of the logs attached for reference



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              Ive only seen this when the vCAC agent can not talk back to vCAC on the correct ports.

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                beefy147 Enthusiast

                thanks. there are no firewalls between the servers


                EDIT: just tried a manual install to confirm the service can register with the iaas server and got the following result so communication appears "ok"




                Despite being patched I am thinking of disabling the TLS1.2 on the iaas server to see if that helps at all (clutching at straws a bit I know!)


                How does the the package know what the vCAC server is called. I see the VBS file talks about replacing the hostname but its not obvious to me where it gets that information from?


                Any other advice would be gratefully appreciated



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                  beefy147 Enthusiast

                  A further update. I just cant get the task sequence to work using the definition file. however if I get the VRMGuestAgent folder copied to the machine during build and run a script which does the winservice.exe -i -h IAASFQDN -p ssl command i get a "successful" message in the vRA requests console (yay!)


                  its not the best workaround but it will do. I wish I knew why the task sequence method doesnt work. I am still confused as to how the sms definition file knows what the hostname of the iaas server is in the first place. Obviously using my solution above I am using a push and providing the hostname which works



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                    pizzle85 Hot Shot

                    are you using a load balancer in front of your IaaS servers?

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                      beefy147 Enthusiast



                      no load balancer. the most basic and simple of installs only!

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                        pizzle85 Hot Shot

                        your agent isn't talking to the IaaS web server. Check that the machine your deploying has access to the IaaS web IP. Windows firewall, network ACLs, etc. Also the SMS installer uses the SCCM computer variable Vrm.ProxyAgent.Uri. Make sure that is populated with the correct URL and protocol (http/https) for your IaaS. I also found that if your IaaS web server is not providing the full SSL certificate chain you will need to have the root and intermediate certs on the box, you can do this in the OSD TS.

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                          beefy147 Enthusiast

                          Are you saying the Vrm.ProxyAgent.Uri should be populated within the Build Profile as a property?


                          e.g. alongside SCCM.Collection.Name etc


                          I didn't see that documented anywhere (or maybe i missed it!?) that could be the answer!

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                            pizzle85 Hot Shot

                            no its a system reserved property. vRA will always automatically put that variable on the CM machine object and you cant modify it. Take a look at one of your CM computer objects variables and see if its there and its value. You don't need to do anything with it other than verify its correct and what you expect it to be.