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    Feature request to VMWare! Please allow native use of new VHDX formatted files!

    costinell Novice

      There are some testing scenarios when converting/importing is not productive.


      For example I need to be able to


      1) natively boot a windows 10 technical preview instance that is installed on a VHDX file

      2) boot the same instance inside hyper-v under an evaluation version of 2012 r2 server (because it is the only hyper-v that works on my old cpu without SLAT)

      3) boot again the same instance inside vmware workstation or player under windows 8.1 (because the 2012 r2 is only installed as an emergency hyper-v solution, and I prefer to use a normal desktop os)


      Definitely I'm not willing to move my data all day long between VHDX and VMDK files.


      Why is vmware not wanting to integrate VHDX support? It's not a licensing issue, because the format is open and published on Microsoft website!