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    Hyperic communication procedure

    ManoharEndla Novice

      When agent is started we could see the following text in the console.


      " Received temporary auth token from agent

      Registering agent with HQ

      HQ gave us the following agent token


      Informing agent of new HQ server


      Successfully setup agent "


      Where as agent is failing to start while fetching the keystore details with permission denied error . I  have resolved it by creating a symbolic link to a folder where hyperic has complete permissions .


      I am curious in knowing how the agent to communication happens ..


      Please find my understandings :


      1. Agent will read the agent.properties file for server ip and port to connect (7080 by default) . Properties can be interactively set while performing the first start up .

      2.Agent server communication will be https or http based on the port configuration and the protocol used is Lather .

      3.Server listens on 7080 (port is defined while installing the hyperic-server, server.webapp port).

      4.Once the agent communicates to the server, the server stores the Ip and port details of agent into its database. HQ database(then what is the need of  recommended mysql or oracle ?).

      5. Will the agent send the temporary token info to the server in its first call ?

      6.Once the HQ delivers the token to agent, files in the /AGENT_HOME/data are created ? am I right ?

      7.server agent communication will be TCP with simple protocol


      Is this complete process . Please help me.

      Thanks in Advance !!!!