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    ESXi 6 cron issue

    Mezlo Novice

      While I can run ghettoVCB manually without issue, I'm having issues getting it to run reliably from cron under ESXi 6. It will intermittently back up a VM but more often than not it fails. Here is the log content:


      2015-04-15 01:02:03 -- info: Failed to acquire lock, another instance of script may be running, giving up on /tmp/ghettoVCB.work


      2015-04-15 01:02:03 -- info: ============================== ghettoVCB LOG START ==============================


      2015-04-15 01:02:03 -- debug: Succesfully acquired lock directory - /tmp/ghettoVCB.work


      2015-04-15 01:02:03 -- debug: HOST VERSION: VMware ESXi 6.0.0 build-2494585

      2015-04-15 01:02:03 -- debug: HOST LEVEL: VMware ESXi 6.0.0 GA

      2015-04-15 01:02:03 -- debug: HOSTNAME: ge-esx4


      2015-04-15 01:02:03 -- info: ###### Final status: ERROR: No VMs backed up! ######


      2015-04-15 01:02:03 -- debug: Succesfully removed lock directory - /tmp/ghettoVCB.work


      2015-04-15 01:02:03 -- info: ============================== ghettoVCB LOG END ================================



      I've confirmed there isn't another instance running and enabling debug logging doesn't change the log info. Any ideas why it's having issue?

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          Mezlo Novice

          I've been unable to get ghettoVCB to work reliably under cron in ESXi 6. I've tried replacing "if mkdir "${WORKDIR}"; then" with just "mkdir "${WORKDIR}"" and commenting out the "else...fi" section but it still won't back up successfully under cron. Because of this, I've given up and reverted back to ESXi 5.5 on that server.