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    Brownfield installation of VMware Storage Appliance 5.5.0 - Warning messages make me stressed

    sorriar Lurker


      I am doing a brownfield installation of VMware Storage Appliance 5.5.0. I am on the way to launch the installation but 2 messages are stressing me. The first one is that the VSA installer will delete the existing data on the local hard disks of each hosts, so as I have 6 VM's up and running within my local datastore I would like to be sure that my VM's will not be impacted. The second message is = The VSA installer will change the configuration of the hosts to support vMotion and HA. Hosts might reboot during the installation process. As we are in the middle of the day, we have several people using the VMs in production, so a rebbot will impact the business.

      As I have understood reading a lot of documents speaking about brownfield installation, this process should not impact production during installation. Its normally its big value.

      Does anyone has good feedback and good experience ?