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    Backing up multiple VMs on a number of ESXi Servers

    YHGfL Lurker

      Dear all


      We have a small estate of ESXi servers running version 5.xxxx of vmware and using the ghettoVCB script, I am having issues with some of the cronjobs not running.


      It is my belief this may be that the script is trying to run on a new host when the other VM has not finished on another host.


      I noticed this when I tried a manual forced backups when another host was performing a backup...


      # /vmfs/volumes/DanielSAN2/Backups/ghettoVCB-master/ghettoVCB.sh -g /vmfs/volumes/DanielSAN2/Backups/ghettoVCB-master/ghettoVCB.conf -f /vmfs/volumes/DanielSAN2/Backups/ghettoVCB-master/$(hostname -s).backup.daily -l /vmfs/volumes/DanielSAN2/Backups/logs/ghettoVCB-backup.$(hostname -s).$(date +%Y-%m-%d).log -d dryrun

      -ash: /vmfs/volumes/DanielSAN2/Backups/ghettoVCB-master/ghettoVCB.sh: Device or resource busy


      Is there a way to run more than one instance from multiple hosts? would simply creating a number of script files get around this issue or is the -w switch used for this purpose? I couldn't seem to find am example but it certainly seems I can only set off one process at a time and I think that's part of the problem. Any help would be appreciated...


      Many thanks