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    How to monitor Network Component like interfaces status, Interfaces traffic and Temperature in Hyperic hq 4.6.6

    ankitpatni Lurker

      Hi All.


      I'm a new bird in Hyperic and first time using this tool on one of the project. I'm not from Network Engineer background so my question could be a silly here.


      I would like to Monitor switches and other Network component like Network Interface, Traffic and Temperature. Is it possible to do this in Hyperic HQ 4.6.6. I have seen the same in different open source tool like zenoss, but since we are using Hyperic on our current project I would like to go with this tool only.


      I would also like to know if there is any plugin (open-source) which can solve my issue.


      I really appreciate if someone can help me on this or provide the details documentation / video etc to solve my issue.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Ankit Patni