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    add VMDK to another VM

    fborges555 Enthusiast

      Hi gurus


         I have a  VM 2003  that has two(2) VMDK, I have created a new VM 2008 R2 and I would like to add one of the old VMDK to the new VM, is this possible? and if it is, what are my steps in order to accomplish this.


      Thanks a bunch

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          weinstein5 Guru
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          Yes it is but first you will have to remove the VM from the original VM - one it is removed from the new VM you will go into edit settings and add storage - one of the options will be use existing VMDK - browse to the locatioin wher eth VMDK and add it to the new VM


          Did you mean to post your question to the VMware Server forum?

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            fborges555 Enthusiast



              Thanks for the prompted reply and jumping in, and yes I did posted here, where do you suggest I go with this line of question in the near future.


            do you mean remove the VMDK from the old VM right? the HDD that is attached to that vmdk?


            Thanks a bunch for your help again, I just did not know where to post this kind of VM question at this time.

            Thanks again

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              SavkoorSuhas Expert

              Yes, this is possible:


              1. Right click the first VM > Edit Settings > Required Hard Disk > Remove > Remove from Virtual machine. (Do not select delete files)

              2. Right click the second VM >Edit Settings > Add > Existing Hard Disk > Browse the datastore where the VMDK for the first VM was residing.

              3. Select and specify a SCSI controller of your choice and Click OK.

              4. Open console of VM and verify.





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