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    Virtual Center 1.3.1 client doesn't display

    mikegorton Lurker

      Hello all,


      I've been having a rather perplexing issue on and off over the past 6 months or so.  Randomly, when you load the 1.3.1 client it will not display.  You can see it running in processes, however it will never display the login prompt.  You are not able to end the process (no error, it just won't end).  You are forced to reboot the computer to clear the process.  It will never load again on its own though.


      One method of resolution I noticed that works 25% or so of the time is to uninstall the PCI bus driver, then power off the machine.  Power it back on and let it re-detect everything again.  I have no idea why this would work.  The only thing that I can think of is that it is removing a video profile or some hidden setting for virtual center that I can't otherwise find (I've painstakingly gone through the registry with no luck).


      There are no errors in the windows application or system logs pertaining to this.  I can only imagine that windows thinks the application is opening and closing successfully when its not.


      This only seems to happen on the newer Lenovo desktops we have been receiving.  They come with a standard VGA port and two display ports.  I've had this happen on any combination of the three.  All desktops have two monitors attached and all have at least one 22" Lenovo LCD monitor.


      PC specs:

      Lenovo M93p

      i5 quad core processor with Intel onboard video (4600)

      8GB of ram

      500GB hard drive

      Windows 7 x64 Enterprise


      At this point, I am speculating that specific bios version levels coupled with specific driver versions are causing the issue.


      Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to try to narrow this down?  Or maybe there's a 3rd party client?  I'm at a loss and its extremely frustrating.