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        RaoulSchaffner Novice

        for what it's worth, i also have an open SR on this. let's see how well this goes. i'll keep you all posted.

        does anyone of you have the "netapp virtual storage console (vsc)" installed on the troublesome vcenter as i do?

        i forgot to mention that in my earlier post.

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          abugeja Enthusiast



          sorry to take over this thread but I upgraded my vCenter appliance to 6.0 Update 2a last Thursday and I have noticed an increase of 10% CPU (10% -> 20%) since I performed the upgrade.


          My appliance is 4 vCPU with 16Gb of ram. (2 hosts and 120 vms)


          anyone else seen this since they have upgraded?



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            znamor Lurker

            We only have "NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.1" installed but not the virtual console.  However,  although Netapp does use java.exe as well the java processes causing me high CPU problems belong to Vcenter.

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              Matnii Lurker

              Any known fix to this issue?


              I had vCenter 6.0U1 for Windows and it runs year and half without any issue. Average CPU load was 10%. Now it was time to upgrade hosts to 6.0U2, so I upgrade vCenter to build 4637290 (U2a). After update, average CPU load increased to 40%. The picture shows that CPU load is caused by Java. The load is more like spikes, so CPU is idle couple of seconds and then it jumps to 100%.


              I see that I have Xmx512M -parameter and other screen captures on this thread shows -Xmx32M -parameter.


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                kgruber Lurker

                I have exactly the same issue and the JAVA command lines that spike are exactly the same. I too have opened a case with VMware and they have taken alot of screen shots that show exactly the same thing you have shown.


                This has update 2A (6.0.0 U2a) installed, an external Cert and MS SQL (full) installed locally.


                We have 2 of these VCs, one for production, one for Horizon View 7.03, both act the same! !

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                  kgruber Lurker

                  Has anyone tried Update 3 yet? My VMware support tech says this fixes the problem. I would like to believe him but....... !

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                    sp4rt4n Novice



                    same here on vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 U2.

                    I just want to share my experience with this...

                    Last year, I've deployed a vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 U2 (2 Hosts, 20VMs, 8 active), as you can see, CPU usage is spiking and "building up"




                    Yesterday, I've deployed a vCenter Server Appliance 6.0U3 (no Hosts/VMs), only time will tell how CPU will perform..




                    I've also deployed a vCenter Server Appliance 6.5U0 one month ago, here are the charts for comparison:


                    65u0month.jpg 65u0day.jpg


                    From my point of view: 6.5U0 is definitely better in performance comparison (Photon OS over SLES11 might be a reason for this)... however I would explicitly NOT recommend to use 6.5U0 as the vSphere Web Client is mandatory and ....a disastrous messy piece of administration software.

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                      abugeja Enthusiast

                      Hey... Has anyone applied update 3 yet and has it resolve the high CPU issue?

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                        chicojr Novice

                        I too am having same issues, vcenter 5.5 on a win srv 2012 r2 box with 2cpu 16gb mem.

                        Vcenter hosts to datacenters with a total of 671 hosts and 1842 vms enabled.


                        Anyone have any idea what in the world is causing this intermittent spikes in cpu and mem?

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                          abugeja Enthusiast

                          671 hosts to 1842 Vms - why are there so many hosts vs Virtual machines? I assume all the VM's are very large or you have very small hosts

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                            NTShad0w Enthusiast



                            as RaoulSchaffner


                            vmware-vwsVMware System and Hardware Health Manager


                            so simple temporary workaround is to stop this service by typing (from vCSA shell):

                            service-control --stop vmware-vws


                            This service is responsible for HW monitoring, but as I know it's not working for vSphere C# Client in vSphere v6.0 so for smaller environments and admins that don't want to switch to terrible slow Web Client this is a choice in my opinion.


                            To not change anything in vCSA appliance it's safest to stops it after each vCSA 6.0 restart.


                            The results after applying this workaround is seen in attachment. Generally CPU usage drops from 2200MHz to acceptable 400MHz.


                            To VMware: Mates, please don't kill C# Client, it's your worst choice we notice from the beginning of your Company and great VMware VI3 and vSphere 4/5 product.



                            best regards


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                              Sysxp Enthusiast

                              I can't believe all this still happening in 2017! This is just... WOW. No words.

                              This is all went wrong since the WebClient introduction and the following deprecation of fast and beautiful C# client.


                              By the way, have you tried the all new HTML 5 "vSphere Client"? All I know is that it still can't do much.

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                                CollinChaffin Novice

                                Can't agree more.  In my almost 30yrs in this business VMware towers over any other vendor I've dealt with as far as totally and unequivocally ignoring the very paying customers that built and support their existence.


                                I have not, in real life with the Internet trolls aside, met a living human being ranging from those supporting large worldwide VMware infrastructures, all the way down to small single-host shops that do not share my (our) belief that this MONSTROSITY they call a "web client" is IN ANY WAY superior to the actual desktop application (C# client).  NOT ONE.


                                82 clicks and literally an HOUR to find just which magic "MANAGE TAB" (a term I now never want to hear again thanks to VMware) nested 17 screens/tabs deep, vs the THREE CLICKS in the C# client in a SINGLE WINDOW?  Hey VMware, COUNT ME IN!  Want to burn a HALF DAY just to figure out why a plugin that has ALWAYS appeared in the C# client suddenly disappeared in the magic web client?  ABSOLUTELY!  We in I.T. absolutely were not historically busy enough and really wanted our days stretched just a bit longer.  Thanks VMware!


                                IMO It's got to be bad inexperienced management listening to lazy inexperienced developers who didn't have the skills to code the C# client which probably started just after they lost enough dotnet DEV talent to continue the C# client support.  Just a theory but I cannot wrap my head around why else they would have continued down this path.


                                Unfortunately my friend, the ONLY way VMware will listen is if customers begin bailing with their $.  Personally, I have been with VMware as their top evangelist in every room since the first version of their workstation product and in the days of the old GSX server but I have recently begun to look at Hyper-V and other competitive products to replace VMware for this exact reason I refuse to fight to manage a product where the MFG with every revision seems to make my life HARDER, all while continuing to charge rising exorbitant licensing fees.

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                                  CollinChaffin Novice

                                  Oh forgot to post my screenshot to mirror what NTShad0w posted clearly showing my absurdly high CPU VCSA Build Number 7037817 before and after running:


                                  service-control --stop vmware-vws





                                  So I would say that NO, this has NOT been fixed in the latest VCSA 6.0u3 appliance patch available.

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                                    Dave_the_Wave Hot Shot

                                    I also got the java.exe high cpu issue when I upgraded to VCS 6.0 u3c for Windows (2008 R2).


                                    It was a patterned spike, exactly like all the graphs in this thread.


                                    After the typical way to flip services on and off until you hit the culprit, it was the vmwarevws "VMware System and Hardware Health Manager" service that was causing this.


                                    Stopping and setting the Windows Service to Manual puts the box back to sleep.


                                    I felt the Health Manager was important, so I went back to VCS 6.0 u1b, and do not get the problem.


                                    I still use the C# Client to do any cooking in the kitchen, but the VCS is nice to monitor and observe all is kosher.